Wild Life Sanctuary Chail

Himachal is known for uncountable nature’s wonder.
The snow clad mountains, fruit orchards, audacious treks, night camping, and adventure sports are hallmark of ‘Himachal Tourism’.

From honeymooners to adventurist and from painters to travel bloggers all find their solace in the lap of ‘Hill Stations’ at Himachal.

Less is not known or said about its wildlife, and its natural beauty.
Wild life sanctuary Chail is the hub for wild life lovers to experience diverse flora and fauna amid unlimited adventures.

The animal kingdom is adorned with emerald forests of oak and deodar.
The whispering trees, fragrance of wild flowers, and freshness of dew is matchless at the wildlife sanctuary Chail Himachal Pradesh. It calls for experience to get lost for wildlife lovers in the 110 sq. km sprawling Wildlife Park.

The wildlife park is a natural habitat of varied animals, reptiles, birds, and plants.
It was set up in the year 1976 to protect the diverse flora and fauna from being extinct or from being poaching.

Blast from Past:

Maharaja of Patiala, was interested in hunting, and often hosted his friends and guests for hunting games. Chail Wildlife Sanctuary Shimla served as the royal hunting ground for the Maharaja and his guests.

It may be not so famed, or known amongst wildlife lovers, but it is the hidden gem and one of the best unexplored destinations in India. It is an untouched and unspoilt paradise for nature lovers to discover, in their journey to Chail.

Activities at Chail Wildlife Life Sanctuary:

Pristine Mountain Lodge one of the admired Chail hotels, offer different activities for group, solo, couple, and family.

Chail wildlife sanctuary reviews will always get 5 star ratings for its adventures, outdoor activities and especially trekking.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Chail Wildlife Park is early morning and late afternoon; and is easily accessible from Chail resorts.  

The best time of the year to visit this wildlife sanctuary is between months of March and October.

It is the best time to visit, as one gets to spot diverse animals, different migratory birds, and excellent time to take trekking in the jungle. The forest is however, opened 12 months of the year.

Flora and Fauna at Chail Wildlife Sanctuary:

Chail Wildlife Park is home to rich collection of flora and fauna.
The ‘European Red Deer’ was introduced by the ‘Maharaja of Patiala’ to make the hunting ground more exciting and rich in the year 1950.

Chail wildlife sanctuary animals to be spotted by tourists or wildlife lovers are ‘goral, sambar, spotted deer, langurs, flying squirrel, Himalayan black bear, wild boar, Indian porcupine, etc.’

It is also home to variety of birds, which can be easily spotted are ‘Chir Pheasant, Golden Eagle, Grey Headed Flycatcher, Khalij Pheasant, etc.’
Chail is also the home for Chir breeding center, which helped in increasing the number of Chir birds in the forest.

The wildlife sanctuary is also home to different flora collection like the oak, pine, deodar, green grassland, and other wild flower plants.

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