Hotels in Chail

There are many hotels in Chail (hill station) of Himachal Pradesh, India but Pristine Mountain Lodge’s peaceful location and scenic view attract more tourists. This Grand Home captures guest’s engrossment at the first momentary look and surely a tourist can have best experience in this zone due to its extraordinary individuality as clean and airy rooms with a mountain facing separate open balconies, courteous staff members’ hosting, other up to date amenities and wonderful location.
Its Amenities:

Location: Himachal Pradesh > Solan District > Kandaghat > Chail
The Hotel in Chail named Pristine Mountain Lodge has various types of dust-free, relaxing and spacious rooms with separate balcony. As a best recommended reasonable priced Chail Hotels naming PML provides Rural-tourism with alternative of Eco-tourism in it including village tours, jungle tracking, cycling, and rock climbing in Himalayan Range which gives a lot of fun and excitement to nature lovers.

Pristine Mountain Lodge has a huge range of guest services as refrigerator, 24 hour front desk service, Ironing facilities, free toiletries, electric kettle, cappuccino machine, luggage storage, parking space, terrace, shuffle board, custom leather couch, a cozy wood-burning fireplace and a flat screen T.V. to keep every sports fan engaged with all soundproof service for your complete relaxation which make it most recommending hotel among Resorts in Chail.

An outsize excellent room with a private bath and munificent guest master matching set will make sure that your family and guests be pleased by the confidentiality and soothe they be worthy of. It has all individuality to be a Family Hotel in Chail as playground or lawn space for kids where they can engross themselves physically and mentally; refrigerator, microwaves, washers and dryers make a reside more accessible and more sustainable. Families also realize its complementary services like hot breakfast, early check in and late check out. Due to all reasons Pristine Mountain Lodge is a number one ranking position as a Family Hotels in Chail.

500 meters off roading from main road to Village Nagali

Pristine Mountain lodge