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    Pristine Mountain lodge
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About Pristine Mountain lodge

NatureRaga Hotels Converted a local Village home into a comfortable rooms with all modern amenities that are must for a vacation home that Nature Lover want so then came the beautiful concept of Pristine Mountain lodge. Pristine Mountain lodge is a vacation home based on rural tourism for person who want to discover himalayan village at best of local hospitality .best suited for the experiential travel .

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Our Facilities

  • Bonfire
  • Guided Village tour
  • Nature Trekking / Jungle trekking
  • Cycling
  • Plantation & Cultivation tour
  • Bird Watching
  • Car Parking
  • Excursion option available at the resort .

Our Package

Pristine Mountain lodge have only 8 Rooms. Every Room have a spacious balcony. Each room enjoys the unadulterated view of the lush green, dense forest Mountain & Step farming with high level of privacy. Pristine chail is Encircled with mountains and have a 360 degree View for peace and solitude.

Enquire Now 3000.00 / Couple(+GST)

Beyond the Hills;
Beyond the Folklores;
Beyond the Pine Forests – Himachal Calling!

Pristine Mountain Lodge is overlooking the valley of virgin forests, filled with fragrance of wild flowers, and often the melodies of birds breaking the silence of the serene nature. The hypnotic home away from home was once a village home; converted into lavish Chail hotels.

The Resorts in Chail leaves no stone upturned to exhibit the royal hospitality; it once showered on the 'Maharaja of Patiala'. Chail was the summer capital of 'Maharaja of Patiala'; and the Wildlife sanctuary Chail was his hunting ground.

The Hotels in Chail are nestled at an average height of 2500 m from sea level; and are easily accessible by road throughout the year.

Pristine is a mountain lodge developed to promote rural tourism and unexplored Himachal. It is the gateway to discover the magic of nature, captivating attractions, unmask village culture, and get lost in the thrilling excursions of countryside.

This vacation home in Himachal is decked with 8 rooms; and spacious balcony attached with every room. The rooms are beloved by guests for their picturesque views from the balcony. The balcony overlooks the dense forests of oak and pine; one can capture the moments of terrace farming; and relax while enjoying the romantic sunset.

Homestay in Chail gets adventurous amid its trekking, wild life safari, and mountain cycling. The Pristine is your perfect address to stay while exploring varied species of birds, barking deer, wild boar, Great Indian Bear, pheasant, European deer, and sambar etc.

This mountain lodge in Himachal Pradesh is a royal ambience, which will give memoirs of erstwhile era, amid its floating clouds, foggy hills, frolicking deer, and deodar forests of 'Shivaliks'. The once upon a time royal retreat is now all open to be explored, experienced, and lived.

Pristine Mountain Lodge Excursions & Activities:

Trekking to kali ka Tibba (Adventurists & Nature lovers must try)
Mountain Cycling (Amazing Experience for all age groups)
Jungle Picnic / Jungle Walks (A way to discover the natural wonders of Chail)
Village walks (Best way to unearth the culture of villages)
Farm visit / Plantations (Live the life of a farmer)
Traditional Dinner / lunch at village (Chance to relish on local delicacies & tribal recipes)
Visit to Mohan Shakti heritage Park.

Sacred Sojourn to Stoned Kumbh Shiv Temple
Pious Journey to Chail Gurudwara Sahib
Spiritual Tour to Sidh baba Mandir
Must visit the World's highest cricket Ground
Royal Expedition to Conquer Chail Palace

Pristine is one of the family hotels in Chail, which is known for its outdoor activities, excursions, adventure activities, and rural tourism.
Vacation homes in Chail are heaven waiting to be discovered; have no second thought, escape into the world of total solitude and wilderness.


Pristine Mountain lodge