Chail Hotels

Chail is a hill station in the lap of Himachal Pradesh, India which rejuvenating exquisiteness and virtuous forests attracts any nature loving, campers and hikers from the best stop point of Chail Hotels Pristine Mountain Lodge with all modern services to involve you enthusiastically in a rural existence which can be said as a variation of Eco-tourism.

With all its best approach of habitability and keenness to greet the tourists, unquestionably make it moderate Hotels in Chail and a conventional vacation spot in Himachal Pradesh at very competitive rate.

This Hotel in Chail provides you guided village tours, bonfire, nature trekking, sightseeing with a local expert, expedition around village meals in a traditional way of the state and car parking facility. A visitor can approach this panoramic and vast view place by roads and rails. Shimla and Chandigarh airports are the nearest; Kalka is the closest railway station.

Pristine Mountain Lodge can be described as parsimonious and cost-effective Chail Hotels which has only eight capacious, dust-free and convenient rooms with separate balconies. From its valley facing satisfactory rooms, a visitor can get pleasure from the clarified and fresh glimpse of the abundant greenery, opaque and thick forests, beautiful mountains and step farming with monasticism.

The Manager and its staff members are very helpful and cooperative by nature. This Hotel has very well- organized, very neat and clean interiors. Pristine Mountain Lodge has also a delightful ambiance which is the best quality.

In conclusion, we can say that this is the place that evokes a unique atmosphere or mood and make it compel people to come and stay around with natural beauty.

500 meters off roading from main road to Village Nagali

Pristine Mountain lodge