Resorts in Chail

In Himachal Pradesh, Chail (hill station) is really a splendid zone for nature lovers which has abundant of veiled amazements consists in it in the midst of the opaque forests and mountains, spread out the enormous area. We can catch the fragrance of the nature when we will have a depth glimpse into it. Pristine Mountain Lodge is considered as a doorway to incarcerate the mesmerizing glory of nature, to perform mutual fondness with village ethnicity, to discover the fantasy of countryside surroundings and to immerse in the exhilarating expedition of the natural world.

Among much Resorts in Chail, Pristine Mountain Lodge is a remarkable commercial institution but feel at home resort that provides most of traveler’s covet for example food, drink, entertainment, sports, accommodation, free parking, free Wi-Fi and shopping at presumption for a graceful reside in extreme rocky landscape to pay attention at contrapuntal music of the woods all around, the chirping of various birds, the jiggling of leaves, clattering of breezes.

Pristine Mountain Lodge is one of the most significant Resort in Chail to squander your holiday with tranquility and serene; and this make your halt an unforgettable rendezvous. This property has a private balcony attached with each and every room and large windows which facing the mountains view.This vacation home peculiarities have a fully equipped modular kitchen, a well organized dining area, some leather chairs with a royal sofas and a satellite flat-screen T.V. set. Its’ cooperative staff members always be careful to fulfill all your requirements and ensures your trip much pleasurable, chargeable and satisfactory. Please visit Pristine Mountain Lodge that has all essential conveniences that one can only envision for mountain regions.

500 meters off roading  from main road to  Village Nagali .

Pristine Mountain lodge