Unexplored Himachal

Himachal has enlivened the mind of creative people for ages; the poets, painters, and writers have always admired the majestic hills of the region. The best hill stations of India are situated in ‘Himachal Pradesh’. The popular hill stations at ‘Himachal Pradesh’ are Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Dalhousie, etc.

However, unexplored Himachal offers offbeat retreats, picturesque postcard moments, and adventures, travel stories to cherish, and chance to discover hidden gems. One must visit these unexplored places in Himachal near Delhi in weekends or during holiday season to cherish memories unforgettable.

Travelers Group who must visit Himachal Unexplored Places:

The popular places in ‘Himachal’ are often flocked by tourists from across the world. However, the offbeat tracks are often being unheard, or unexplored, or people have ignored them for the so called popular places. The truth is the unexplored face of Himachal is abundant with myriad beauties, orange orchards, and horse ride into the wilds amidst pine forests, whispering birds, drenched in morning dew. This fairy tale can be experienced like being at home amid hotels in Chail like Pristine Mountain Lodge.

Mornings have a fragrance of freshness, fog, and evening has serenity of star studded sky and silence of nature. So, next time planning holidays, try to find out the unexplored places in HP. Himachal Pradesh hidden gems can be best surprise for different travel groups.

The hill state can be well justified as the ‘Switzerland of India’, and is known for its beautiful unexplored destinations in Himachal. Some destinations can well be your secret hideouts, hidden getaways for years to come.

Discover 8 Unexplored Places in Himachal Pradesh:

  1. Kalpa is not only the biggest villages in Himachal, but also one of the best unexplored villages in Himachal. It is situated at the backdrop of ‘Kailash Mountain’ and is also known for its apple orchards. The sacred ‘Kailash Mountain’ changes its color throughout the day, can be witnessed from this village.
  2. Sangla the hypnotic valley is known for its snow clad mountains, annual snow fall, yesteryears architecture, temple dedicated to Nagas, and Kamru Fort.
  3. Barog is one of the must visit Himachal Pradesh unexplored destinations and is adorned with pine and oak forests. It is turning into one of the most preferred corporate holiday destination off late.
  4. Barot is the destination that every adventurist would look to discover, and visit. It offers outdoor camping, trekking, and visit to Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. You can spot wildlife species of Himalayan Gorals, Himalayan Black Bears, and many different pheasants.
  5. Chindi is one of the unexplored hill stations Himachal Pradesh, which is known for its temples, apple orchards, thrilling unexplored treks in Himachal Pradesh, and pine forests.
  6. Churdhar is known for its night sceneries, where the composure of moon light beautifies the mountains. The 48 km long trek and the huge statue of Lord Shiva atop the hill is must visit.
  7. Chitkul the small hamlet is adjoined to the ‘Indo – Tibetan’ border, and is the last inhabited village of India. The fruit orchards, mustard fields, vegetation, and backdrop of Himalayas make it a serene holiday destination. It is also famed for its peas and potatoes. Chail hotels offer unexplored treks in Himachal from ‘Chitkul’.
  8. Malana the village, which to date has been the witness of ‘Alexander the Great’ invasion of India, is also the home to direct descendants of ‘Alexander the Great’. The village has its own administrative laws, which resembles ‘Greek Administrative System’.

Other Unexplored Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh:

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